Instituto Politécnico Nacional Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Química e Industrias Extractivas
Laboratorio de Termodinámica
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20th ANNIVERSARY (1997-2017)
Thermodynamics Laboratory Applied to Supercritical Fluids Processes
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Accurate experimental measurements of thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids, such as phase equilibria (V-L, S-V-L,L-LV, etc...), critical points, viscosities, solubilities, recristalization by supercritical antisolvent, volumetric and excess properties, are required for the fundamental study of binary and multicomponent mixtures behavior. These are also needed for designing, optimization and simulation of industrial processes.

In Mexico, this is the first thermodynamic research laboratory applied to accurate experimental determination of thermodynamic and transport fluid properties of fluids, solids and his mixtures up to 100 MPa and 673 K.


In september of 1995, the INSTITUTO POLITECNICO NACIONAL together with the Graduate Studies and Research Section of the Chemical Engineering Department of ESIQIE created the LABORATORY OF EXPERIMENTAL THERMODYNAMICS AT HIGH PRESSURES.

The objectives of this laboratory are focused into getting scientific knowledge applying SUPERCRITICAL FLUID technologies to develop INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES ORIENTED TO THE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION

Professor Luis A. Galicia-Luna

Research group, 2016-2017


IPN-ESIQIE, Laboratorio de Termodinámica
Edificio Z, 1er. Piso Sección 6, UPALM, C.P. 07738
Tel. (52 55) 5729 6000 Ext. 55133


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